21. Indonesian. I'd go queer for tea and coffee.

Secret Chamber

He is like the secret chamber I never dare to mention

I only open his chests to find whenever my pieces are scattered

A part found deep within his kiss I cherish

Other parts are gathered over the skin and the bones of his offerings


Never lets me surrender

Thought via Path

He is like the secret chamber I never dare to mention
I only open his chests whenever my pieces are scattered
A part found deep within his kiss I cherish
Other parts are gathered over the skin and the bones of his offerings

Never let me surrender – Read on Path.

Thought via Path

Everytime I am with you
I wish I was as good as drunk
But my eyes were open
My mind was sober of your presence
I was aware of the pounding heartbeat when I rested on your chest
My cheek collided with your skin which was never quite warm, but heated
And I absorbed all the rising temperature with my body alone – Read on Path.

Thought via Path

Like the aged bottle of wine hidden in the dusty drawer
I have never meant to label our union as a mistake
I only need a sip to cover my crave of your crisp kiss

Like the wildest plant slithered in my secret vineyard
I preserve you lush and bold
The way your absence bewilders my infatuation – Read on Path.

I am not your boyfriend

I am not your boyfriend

Because frankly and biologically speaking,
If you strip my skirt than I believe you have been having the same view everytime we shower
I have a wide hip and large breasts just like you do
I am attracted to sturdy-rock abs, bass whisper, that is boysLike Ryan Gosling

When Mother Venus gave birth,
There were You and I
There were two types of sweet baby girls
There is a type of girl, who grows up the type boy likes to date, and otherwise
There is a type of girl, who grows up the type boy loathes to death
You ought to be sure where I am standing

I do not know much of your story, but I was 5 years old
When Papa Mars introduced me to his Martians
There are 10 Martian Juniors in our Math Class
The first Martians I know had very bad-hand writing
They were extremely noisy and never did their homeworks
None of them managed to be in top 10 students
They were only good at sports
The moment I concluded that they were intelligent than Venusian was when they were caught peeing on our school backyard
I laughed as I watched their wee-wees get ruler-slapped by our teacher (Ouch!)

I remembered there was a framed profile picture of our President hanging in the wall of our class
It made me wonder why a President is always a “Mr” instead of a “Madam”
I took turn to look at the face of the President and the crowd of boys in their recess time
We all must have been dreamingright?

I was 12 years old
When I have met the only Martians who had a good handwriting
He ranked first in the class
Finally, someone who restored my faith in men and their intelligence

12 is the age when I stepped into my womanhood
Ever since I have been living a story
I have been the subject of their ideals of a body, face, skin, hair and behavior
Which I hardly conform

At the age of 16,
A guy wished that I was a man so that he could fight me

At the age of 21,
A guy asked me if I am interested to fight him

But I am tired of fighting
Especially I hate to fight against my sisters

Stop treating me like your boyfriend, because I am not
I am not one of them
Do not ask me to conform anymore on little things
I do not feel exhilarated to comply
I am exhausted

To care about when will we have lunch today
On what kind of food should we eat
Stop asking me about “How much calories this bagel has”

To figure out which movie we are going to see
I have enough when I wait you to finish your hair and make up done
Later, arrive 15 minutes after the show is on

I am not your complaint department
I can be your own Dr. Phil or Oprah, if only you let me to
Because I know you will only like to hear about the right thing
You are afraid honesty will hurt and prick

Be your own boyfriends
Do not be upset, when one day I am not there for you for lunch
If other girls are not there for you for Sunday Shopping
If your boyfriends are not there for Saturday date

You must understand, how selfish the world we are living in

Take a walk in the park alone
Embrace the air and the sunshine
Read your favorite book against the tree
Swap that beautiful dress on the display
Treat yourself well with an expensive trade-fair  chocolate or a gourmet hummus
And forget about those damn calories!

When Mother Venus gave birth,
There were two types of sweet baby girls
There were warriors and princesses
There is a type of girl, who grows up to be lady
There is a type of girl, who stays young and foolish
You ought to be sure where you are standing

April’s Fool

ear April,
I have been a fool

All I have been seeing is entangled web
Of my emotion and thoughts
I thought they were extra-ordinary
Not until, I realized that it is just the way life is

The road I have been marching along is narrow
I have yet to see the bigger road ahead of me
I have yet to discover the path of the unknown
But the peebles on my feet were like giant boulders to my sole

When I look down to my dinner table, my plate is always full
When I look up to the ceiling, there are no holes on the roof
I look my left and right shoulder, to greet my Angels after prayer
That’s how I train myself to be thankful

I want the whole universe in my hand
My eyes like to antagonize all the small beautiful things in life
Yet I know my arms and hand will never grow as big to catch them
So universe came to me like a sail of message bottle to the wide ocean
Slow, they came like little thousand ships sending flare to my direction

The moment they arrived at my doorstep
I was standing in front of the full length mirror in my bedroom
Having private conversation alone and naked
I was too busy correcting myself

Yet I could not help to gaze on the window’s pane
The stray behind the shadow that leads me to other rooms next to my house
I wish to see the same broken reflection in the next room
I pretend they never matter, but they do
Thanks for the ball of worry that provokes me
I have created a demon within myself

Dear April,
This is a promise I shall keep
From this moment on
I will not be a devilish fool

Thought via Path

Girls, take a break from your dependency
Buy that expensive trade fair chocolate
Buy that cute dress you saw the other day on a store’s display
If it is a lot of hassle with your friend go and watch your favorite movie alone in theatre
Being in your own is never a sad thing, compared to the illusion and fear of being unwanted and lonely
Wear your favorite things proud
Your make up, perfume and hijab-do
Have your lunch alone in the park and read your favorite book againts the big tree afterwards
Live for yourself
Not for anyone
Not for your girlfriends
Not for your boyfriends
Recharge – Read on Path.

Thought via Path

April, I am such a fool
All the tangled web of my emotions and thoughts
The winding road to happiness I long to discover
They are not there
They are never there
I just did not have the right eyes to see it
Skin to feel it
I refuse all right, simple things in life
I am busy correcting myself and others
If only I can refrain myself from all that and touch, feel, stop thinking… just living
April, I have been a fool. – Read on Path.

Negara (Tanpa) Agama


Agama adalah nafas hidup hampir seluruh penduduk bumi. Berdasarkan data The World Factbook CIA 2012, sekitar 90% penduduk dunia adalah pemeluk agama.

Begitu juga dengan di Indonesia. Agama ada di setiap sendi kehidupan, dari rumah hingga ke gedung-gedung pemerintah, menjadi urat nadinya,…